By managing the complete supply chain in the field of cryptocurrencies and having also created containers for our two mining farms, we make this know-how available to all customers who want to set up their own container. The logic of this service is to offer you a complete, powerful, safe and transportable mining farm. We fine-tune the installed container of all the machines, both Gpu rigs and ASIC, and send it wherever you want. We optimize the space in 40-foot containers or modular if necessary, this allows us to be extremely competitive on the price of the structure and maintain a very low cost to slot ratio and up to 150 rigs installed against a standard container that reaches a maximum of 100/110 rigs.


Thanks to our network for the research of sources we can act in different global scenarios with an almost infinite energy capacity. We are currently managing a power of 44 MWh, and we can procure additional energy from renewable hydroelectric sources as needed at any time and almost immediately. We are able to obtain an actually low electricity cost starting from € 0.045 including VAT per kWh.In short: large effective energy capacity, the possibility of extending the power on demand to an almost unlimited extent, having access to LEGAL conditions of a decidedly very low energy cost per kWh.


We offer a turnkey service, including bureaucracy!

For example, do you need a 30 MWh plant? well we take care of everything. This is the great advantage that distinguishes us, that of guaranteeing the most demanding investor a complete, efficient, legal and safe service. Without unexpected events and transparent costs from the beginning, constantly monitored during the activity. With the ability to fully customize your investment, from the choice of machines, the global location, the type of structure. The customer will only have to choose, how we think. This is the benefit of joining an established global partnership network.

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