Globally, the standard sizing offer for a container dedicated to mining is around 20/30 feet in length. This allows to accommodate a limited amount of equipment that is around 100/110 rigs. Bitviking to optimize space and maintain a very low cost per slot has decided to standardize its containers to 40 feet and be able to accommodate up to 150 rigs per structure.


The machines inside the container produce a lot of heat and need a large amount of air for their cooling. The air is whirled around by the cooling fans resulting in dust and particles which can be insignificant for small units on their own can instead become a serious problem on large systems. Bitviking sets up its containers with suitable filter walls and takes all precautions to create a suitable environment to make the most of the machines housed.


The development of the container includes safety parameters to ensure efficient and continuous operation. Every single machine is monitored by our software and in case of offline we will be able to intervene instantly to restore and put it online.

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