Optimized Dimensions

Globally, standard mining containers are usually 20-30 feet in length, fitting around 100-110 rigs. At Bitviking, we've optimized space and reduced costs per slot by standardizing our containers to 40 feet. This upgrade allows us to accommodate up to 150 rigs per container, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution for your mining operations.

Environment Checked

The machines inside the container generate significant heat and require substantial airflow for cooling. Cooling fans circulate the air, stirring up dust and particles that, while minor for small units, can become a serious issue in larger systems. Bitviking addresses this by equipping its containers with appropriate filter walls and taking all necessary precautions to create an optimal environment for maximizing the performance.


The container's development incorporates safety protocols to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations. Each machine is monitored by our software, allowing us to promptly intervene and restore any offline machines back online instantly.

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